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About company

Milandr – reliability proven by time!

For over 20 years, our customers have inspired us to create the most reliable products for high- reliability applications. Our customer-focused approach brings flexibility, creativity and cost-effectiveness to the diverse markets we serve. Our experience in design, packaging and testing of integrated circuits has made Milandr synonymous with quality on Russian market. We provide HiRel standards of ICs approved in airspace applications, avionics, industrial products, automotive technics and critical transportation systems to our consumer products.
Milandrs customers are winning business in many other areas than just HiRel products. Our customers in the consumer market use our products with impressive results. Technology development in microcontrollers and memory circuits has enabled Milandrs customers to achieve their product development goals on time, in budget and with sustainable profit margins. Our achievements in wired interface ICs and ADCs with wide array of 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller allowed us to supply many types of chipsets for data acquisition systems. Our completed and tested solutions for CAN network allow our customer to rich success faster even without experience in this area.
Milandr has an integrated Management System in place, into which all quality, environmental and safety management procedures are completely implemented. Corporate headquarter and main IC design house is located in Russian silicon valley – Zelenograd. R&D centers are in St. Petersburg and N. Novgorod. Milandr also is ready to support your development and manufacturing requirements globally.

Headquarter: Georgievskiy prospekt, 5, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124498, Russia_ Phone: +7 (495).981-54-33_ Fax: +7 (495).981-54-36_ E-mail:
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