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Design centre

Design Centre

The key division of our company is integrated circuits design centre. This division allows us to face the future, develop modern chips, constantly raise our technical level up, and make products upgrade in time. Design centre consists of a number of divisions, integrated in one product design process:

  • Digital IC design department
  • Analog IC design department
  • Memory IC design department
  • Backend design department
  • Technical support team

Our IC design flow includes:

  • high-level model-building using programming language С/С++ and SystemC
  • dividing into software and hardware modules, study of system parameters
  • obtaining specifications (set of required parameters) for software and hardware blocks, hardware design and verification
  • RTL model design using Verilog language
  • FPGA prototyping
  • project synthesis using foundry libraries and timing specification
  • analog block design
  • mixed signal verification
  • layout design and verification, “cross talk” analysis, power grid optimization, production test pattern generation
  • physical prototyping

This method allows essentially reducing design time and costs. Besides computing facilities our enterprise has a sufficient quantity of measure, test and assembly equipment. Technical characteristics of our equipment allow us manufacturing competitive IC's. Thus we are ready to maintain manufacturing of all the products developed by our company in the desired quantities.

We focus on:

  • microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • SRAM memory
  • wire interface transceivers
  • RFIC design

Customers using our chips obtain qualified technical support of our engineers, as well as software and hardware tools to perform hardware development.

Headquarter: Georgievskiy prospekt, 5, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124498, Russia_ Phone: +7 (495).981-54-33_ Fax: +7 (495).981-54-36_ E-mail:
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