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Test house and assembly line

Test house and assembly line

In 2007-2008 JSC «ICC Milandr» set a production line up with complete fabrication cycle for very large scale integrated circuits assembly. The line is equipped with modern assembly equipment, allowing IC fabrication on the basis of 200 mm wafers. Along with fabrication equipment, assembly and testing plant includes: modern hardware and software complex for testing, test check and diagnostics of digital and mixed signal IC’s; facilities for developing and manufacturing of technological equipment. The company has more than 150 pieces of test equipment. The controlled environment in the production facilities (cleanliness class 7 ISO according to GOST ISO 14644-1-2002) allows processing semiconductor wafers with design rules from 0,18 micron. Our well-developed infrastructure contributes to constant increase of production capacities.

Integrated circuits assembly line of JSC «ICC Milandr»

Engineers and technicians (technologists, designers, programmers, operators and quality control specialists) have a required working experience. Engineering and technical facilities allow serial production of not less than 10 new products in a year. Our company has certified quality control system.

Headquarter: Georgievskiy prospekt, 5, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124498, Russia_ Phone: +7 (495).981-54-33_ Fax: +7 (495).981-54-36_ E-mail:
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