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Our partners about us >

Our partners about us

Our partners about us

XFAB Semiconductor Foundries AG

Within the last years of cooperation, Milandr has grown steadily and been established as a stable and reliable partner in the semiconductor business.
Milandr’s team is competent, flexible, well organized and experienced and offers a large pool of available knowledge. X-FAB and Milandr have gained from the mutual work, so we are looking forward to a successful and beneficial future cooperation.

Avnet ASIC Israel LTD.

AAI started collaboration with Milandr in 2011.
During this period, we realized 2 projects, where Milandr was the Analog Design provider.
Milandr Design Center developed a power control unit and a RC oscillator block of IC in accordance with AAI spec.
The first project is already silicon proven, and works well.
Now we are working on next collaborative design, where our companies play same roles.
We have found Milandr team to be highly professional and experienced.
We highly appreciate their ability to see the big picture, looking for the best solution and not just fulfilling the spec as is.
Milandr is very reliable it terms of service, the personal contact is great and timeline commitments are respected.
Milandr is a good partner and a meaningful contributor to the success of AAI designs.

Eugene Lyubinsky
VP. Engineering

Headquarter: Georgievskiy prospekt, 5, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124498, Russia_ Phone: +7 (495).981-54-33_ Fax: +7 (495).981-54-36_ E-mail:
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